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Student Tours to China - a truly unique experience!'s tailored Student Tours to China are a fantastic educational and cultural opportunity for youths from around the world.

For over 20 years China has been hosting students from all over the world and's range of tailored student tours to China offer flexibility and affordability. Not only is it a fantastic educational and cultural opportunity for students, but a student tour to China is a very affordable alternative to Europe or the USA. Whether your theme is History, Music, Art or general sightseeing interests - China has it all! will work with your institution to tailor a tour package that meets the needs of your students and your budget.

With a history spanning more than 5000 years, there are plenty of amazing attractions and sites for students to visit. There are many wonderful forms of artworks including painting, tapestry, sculptures, architecture and calligraphy. Student Tours to China are also a wonderful chance to meet with a variety of Chinese students and discover their way of life. These meetings and exchanges often result in several new enduring friendships. China is also renowned for its devotion to classical music and has long been hosting overseas students to engage in musical exchange programs. Naturally student tours require a considerable amount of planning and organising, but are well equipped to arrange participating schools and concert venues together with transportation, accommodation and sightseeing tours. have established reliable and superior networks in China for transport, accommodation, travel guides, school contacts and Government Authorities. Our Special Events Coordinator has been associated with China Cultural Exchange tours since 1992 and is a retired high school teacher. His invaluable experience and attention to detail has been instrumental in the enormous success of student tours to China. will:

  • work with you to help develop interest by your school in a cultural exchange tour of China
  • co-ordinate a meaningful itinerary and realistic budget
  • liaise with Chinese authorities, guides, schools and hosting bodies
  • offer suggestions and assist in the preparation of the tour
  • develop a supporters / parents side itinerary if required
  • arrange all necessary travel logistics & documentation

If you are genuinely interested in arranging a student tour to China with, click on the Enquire Now button below to send us your details and take the first step towards creating an amazing cultural experience for your students.

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Please note that public holidays and seasonal demand directly effect availability, fares and accommodation pricing. To enable us to refine your travel plans and provide you with an accurate quotation, please send us some key details via our Enquiry Form. Prior to making a booking, please visit our Terms and Conditions page to view our policies related to travel in China. We strongly recommend that you purchase Travel Insurance prior to your departure to safeguard against unforeseen events. is a registered Safe Travel Charter Partner with the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and is an authorised agent to issue travel insurance. Visit our Quick Quote site where you can also purchase an online policy. For further information, please go to our Travel Insurance page and also find other useful links regarding advice on safe travel practices.

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When travelling to a foreign country, it's best that you are well informed and well prepared. See the Good to Know section for our comprehensive guide to China.

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