Special thanks

There are a number of people who we’d like to acknowledge for their tremendous assistance and support. Without these people, we would not have succeeded in providing the amazing service that has continued on since our commencement in 2008. Whilst there have been many changes in travel since the inception of the digital age, we pride ourselves on continuing with old fashioned principles. The one think digital technology cannot replace, is the human side of experience and care. We know from experience that most people like to tailor their arrangements and this is the very heart of our business so your holiday is exactly the way you want it. To enable us to do that, we give a massive thanks to the following people:

Firstly, we’d like to thank To Jackie-Lee from Oink Design who we greatly appreciate for her artistic creativity, patience and web design. Jackie-Lee built the foundations of our website from scratch and her graphic design skills were truly amazing. Whilst the website has changed a little since we first started, we have kept its structure and function in honour of Jackie-Lee. Whilst the site may not be as modern as today's template-based models, we acknowledge its architect and her wonderful efforts.

We are so appreciative of our hard working manager & dear friend Shirley who oversees the management of our clients and operations in China. Shirley is an amazing person who is on-call 24/7 for the entirity of your stay in China. Joanne is our local manager in Hong Kong and her attention to detail and constant care makes for a seemless and memorable experience.

We are also truly grateful to the wonderful guides and drivers who work tirelessly on our behalf to look after you in China & Hong Kong. Their courtesy, efficiency and thoughtfulness are key factors in giving you such a great travel experience.

There are a number of people who unselfishly have contributed photographic images to our website including Michael, Henry and Andy the photographer.

We’d also like to give thanks to the Hong Kong Tourism Board and the Hainan International Tourism Alliance for their input & support. The International Association of Golf Tour Operators has also been a tremendous partner and aid in golf business development.

Last and by no means least, we’d like to give a special thank you to the thousands of travellers who've put their trust and holiday plans in our care. It is you who have enabled us to reach many milestones in travel and have referred us to many friends and colleagues.