Our environment policy

LetsdoChina.com have researched ways of reducing waste, energy consumption and emissions of all kinds to maximise our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. Although it's not currently possible for us to do away with paperwork altogether, we have managed to minimise how much we are legally required to produce. Utilising currently technologies, we are now capable of performing many operational tasks electronically such as: airline e-tickets, itineraries, client records, receipts, quotations, mail outs, notifications, survey forms etc. Our office has been equipped entirely with energy saving lighting and we have carefully purchased other electrical appliances and equipment based on their energy efficiency rating.

Our commitment to recycling is also a major focus where we set aside all recyclable materials for collection. When we purchase fuel we always select ethanol-based petrol in an attempt to lessen our carbon emissions. We no longer shop for office consumables using plastic or paper bags and have introduced our own shopping carry bags. We realise there is always more to be done but we are making a conscious effort and have an ongoing goal of continuous improvement.