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Although there are some differences among the various customs regulations for Australia, China and Hong Kong - principally the prohibited items that you are not permitted to carry remain very similar. Items such as drugs, weapons, animals, food, plants, biological and excess currency all need to be declared to customs staff. Customs laws are also very strict on counterfeit and pirated items, pornography, politically sensitive media and alcohol.

In more recent years there are new rules for taking liquids, aerosols and gels on flights. These new rules are needed to minimise the threat of liquid explosives. Each container of liquid, aerosol or gel in your carry-on baggage must be 100 millilitres/grams or less. All containers must be sealed in a transparent, one-litre plastic bag. You are only allowed one plastic bag. Any transparent resealable bag of one litre capacity or less is allowed. Please note these bags must be independently resealable and bags sealed with items such as sticky tape, rubber bands or ribbons will not be accepted. Travellers can seek further information in the frequently asked questions section on the Department of Transport and Regional Services web site. You may still carry prescription medication, baby products and non-prescription medication that you feel are necessary. Proof of need may be requested of you, so highly recommend that you carry a doctor’s letter declaring the need for any prescription/non-prescription type medication that you carry onboard or in your checked luggage. have provided the above information as a reference only and you should not rely solely on these details when travelling. Due to the variances in Customs regulations for each country, we have provided the following links below so that you may check on the most up-to-date restrictions and allowances:

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